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Dr. Buzby's Dog Nail Trimming Kit

Safely and confidently trimming your dog’s toenails begins with choosing the best tools for the job. Our Dog Nail Trimming Kit includes:

  • The only dog nail clipper Dr. Buzby uses & endorses
  • Styptic powder (Be prepared!)
  • Our 7-step Quick Reference Guide
  • Organza paw print drawstring bag


      Customer Reviews

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      sharon Moroz
      $79 !!!!!!

      Really $79 for a pair of nail trimers and quick stop power in a cute bag ??? How outrageous. Can buy these nail clippers (they are the best ones) at reasonable price online. Incredible that anyone thinks this is good deal.

      Hi Sharon,

      I wanted to follow up on your comment about our nail trimming kit + eLearning for $79 being outrageous. I'd like to clarify that in addition to the items you mentioned, the eLearning component (as stated in the product description) means the price is for the combination of the tools PLUS an online course on trimming your dog's nails, which you can preview here:

      On our eLearning platform, Thinkific, we sell the combination for a higher price, but I offer it to our ToeGrips customers at a reduced rate on our site.

      Hopefully this makes more sense now. I agree that just nail trimmers + accessories for $79 would be an outrageous price. ;)

      Thank you for your understanding.
      Dr. Buzby

      Nail Clipper package

      These dog nail clippers nd instruction from Dr. Buzby have changed the relationship between my rescue dog with nail trimming issues. Nail trimming can be done with ease for my friend, Rosie and myself! Thank you, Dr. Buzby and team for making a difference. Customer service is the best!