Dr. Buzby's Perfect Leash

Introducing Dr. Buzby’s “perfect leash”—a 6-foot leather slip lead, hand-made from the highest quality English bridle leather.

  • Leash and collar in one
  • Provides beauty, durability, comfort with minimal stretch
  • Fully-stitched design with a slip ring for correct collar sizing
  • Solid brass hardware for corrosion resistance
  • One size fits all

What makes it the perfect solution for your senior dog?

I’m embarrassed that it took me twenty years of practicing veterinary medicine to have this revelation: at the most fundamental level—the leash—senior dogs don’t need the same kind equipment as younger dogs.

Unlike the boisterous (and perhaps unruly days of old), we are now simply guiding our grey-muzzled charges along the right paths—often paths of their own choosing.

Walks are shorter, slower, sweeter. We stay close to lend a helping hand if the need arises. And we sometimes need to “lasso” an off-leash free spirit to suggest that we, together, should head in a different direction.

A slip lead is the perfect solution. Slip leads are like a loose “lasso” that can be easily looped over the dog’s neck, and just as easily removed. No fumbling with clips or manipulating the dog’s neck to find the ring on a collar. Just on when needed, off when done. Perfect. No fuss.

Wherever life takes you, we know that for you and your dog, it’s better together. Dr. Buzby recommends this perfect leash as the perfect way to stay connected. Plus, you'll love it for those 5 a.m. walks! ♥️

Dimensions: 5/8″ x 6′

Color: Chestnut brown

**This leather leash will become softer and more supple with use.

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