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"Encore Mobility has really improved bellas quality of life. So much I set up auto ship." – Teri D.

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying…

Bryn N Verified

Life changer for Bean

Our senior Boston terrier, Bean was exhibiting hind quarter lameness a couple years ago. We ruled out tick borne illness and neurological issues and the diagnosis wound up being arthritis. About 6 months ago, Bean was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease which can cause muscle wasting. This, along with some other supplements have helped her be able to maintain her muscle mass and continue daily walks and play time.

Jilly Verified

Game Changer For Our Senior Dog!

Encore Mobility has made a huge difference for our 9 year old schnauzer mix, Luther. Before he started taking it we would notice he would be super stiff and even limp around for a minute or two first thing in the morning waiting for his legs to get going. We had tried joint supplements in the past and nothing came close to the results we get with Encore Mobility. We noticed a difference pretty quickly and a year and a half later Luther is feeling great taking it every day. We just moved to a house where the yard is a hill. I truly don’t think Luther would be able to run up and down it as easily as he does without Encore Mobility. He gets around great and is able to enjoy his long walks again. Highly recommend!

Beth S Verified

What’s Not to Love…

Encore Mobility is an excellent product and I would encourage folks with senior dogs to give it a try. I had my 15 year old Aussie/Border Collie on it and it was very helpful to make her feel more comfortable. She has passed over the Bridge recently. We are currently using it for Mikey, my 13+ year old Australian Shepherd. Mikey has “old man” aches and pains in his back end and Encore Mobility helped him feel more comfortable in less than two weeks. He can go up and down the stairs easily now whereas before using Encore there were days that we had to help him. Highly recommended 🙂

Rod H Verified


Since starting EM we have monitored her closely. We have certainly not seen any deterioration since the change, and both of us reported seemingly increased energy and enthusiasm in her exercise from week 1 – which we were not sure if it could work that quickly! This has continued and her activity level is significantly higher (bearing in mind that we have always tried to avoid her racing around fields, chasing deer etc. for the last few years as we would always see consequences from this). Currently we are see her doing all the things we have previously tried to stop, and as she exercises with Mac, our 16 month old Labrador who, as you might imagine, is a complete lunatic when he’s out and about, Madge is currently doing everything he does without any adverse reactions. Significant stiffness, especially from rest, would have been likely prior to EM, but is currently not apparent.

Marcie Y Verified


Copper shows signs of improvement after taking 2 doses of Encore mobility, for the past months he ate his food lying down, I have tried countess treatments, Copper stood up to eat his food to day and shows signs of increased mobility, thank for giving him some freedom, he is a Papillon and was very active. Thanks again

“It’s like a little miracle for our dog.”

~ Matt & his senior dog, Soldier…

“My dog’s more involved in life…”

Laura & her 19-year-old dog, Sister

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of conditions is Encore Mobility helpful for?

If your dog suffers from any of the conditions below, Encore Mobility™ can help:

  • Joint pain and inflammation (e.g., hip dysplasia)
  • Connective tissue health and healing (tendons, ligaments). For example, to assist the body in healing ACL tears.
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Cognitive support
  • Adrenal support (stress support)
  • Senescence support
  • Red blood cell production
  • Wound healing
  • Fracture repair
  • Cardiovascular health
If my dog takes more than one pill daily, is it best to give them all at once or spread out dosing throughout the day?

It really makes no difference, so we recommend that you do what works best for your schedule. However, giving your dog Encore Mobility™ on an empty stomach IS important. We recommend the tablet(s) be given 20-30 minutes before a meal for optimal absorption.

What are the side effects of this supplement?

Encore Mobility™ is extremely safe and not associated with any significant side effects. However, any supplement on the market has the potential to cause diarrhea. Should this occur, stop the supplement for a few days, then back down on the dosage and work up slowly (over a week or so) to the full dose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Charlotte Murphy
Easy to use

These are easy to use. I really think they helped my elderly dog with getting up from lying down and using the stairs. Would recommend to anyone with an older pet. Thank you for creating these.

Alicia Johnson
Thumbs up from my local vet

My dog, Peshmerga, is a 130 lb Turkish Kangal, age 12. This giant breed has a life span of 14 years, unusually long for giant breeds. BUT they get joint problems. My big boy started on Encore Mobility about 10 months ago with a big "thumbs up" from my local veterinarian. She read the formula and commented that research supports these ingredients for joint issues in canines. I put my order on subscription so we don't run out. And I wish I'd known about it years ago - I would have given it to him as a preventative. It's easy to feed even if your dog doesn't like pills. I just hide it in food and he gobbles it down, 3 per day for his weight range. I try and give it to him before a big meal for best absorption. Thank you, Dr. Buzby. Your focus on older dogs is appreciated in this household very, very much.

Dr. Rebekah Fikes
This product literally saved my dog's life 😭❤️

Toby is a 15yo mn dachshund (he will be 16 on December 31st this year). As of January 2021 he was having episodes of getting lost in our tiny back yard and when we would call him he would startle and then come running like if he hadn’t heard us he would never have found the back door. He was having accidents in the house EVERY DAY. He would urinate or defecate on the living room rug, in the kitchen, or sometimes in his bed in his crate and then just lay in it even though the door to his crate was open and he could walk out if he wanted to...It wasn’t fair to him...I had decided that I would give this supplement a try but if there was no improvement I was going to euthanize him.

I started Toby on Encore Mobility in February. Within 2 weeks everything completely changed for the better!!!! My husband and I were both speechless! Since February he has been on the supplement consistently and he no longer gets lost in the yard. He has only had 2 accidents in the house the whole time and neither one were in his bed. He is more energetic, plays more, spends more time in the living room with family instead of sleeping in his crate, had put on weight (was starting to lose lean muscle mass), and I haven’t had to give him any carprofen at all for back pain. He used to get a little sore in his lumbar region from time to time due to a bulging disk.

This has been nothing short of a miracle for Toby and our family. Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jessica H.
Works quickly and is amazing!

When I first heard about Encore Mobility, I knew it was initially designed for senior dogs. However, I have a 5-year-old, Cairn Terrier who was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas (her kneecaps don't stay in place) when she was only 6-months-old. I decided to try it for her and see if it would help. Normally, her knees don't bother her except in the winter when it is cold and icy. However, since starting Encore Mobility, it has been a total game changer for her! She isn't limping anymore, even when it is freezing cold outside. She also is more energetic than before. She will even play in the snow! I love that Encore Mobility has helped her! Even better, it is a natural supplement that doesn't have side effects like long term use of pain medication! Definitely recommend!

John Goodin

Rarely do I engage in writing reviews however, I make an exception in the case of Dr.Buzzby’s toe grips. First recommended by our Vet for our eight year old 185 pound loving Great Dane we decided to try the product. The toe grips are great and has restored much confidence to Harley’s walking on our wood floors. It did take a couple of tries and different sizes but so much worth the effort but, the real reason for me writing this review is to expound the first class service this company offers. They genuinely care in ensuring our pet has the right sized and properly installed toe grips, rather than selling a product and moving on. Texts and shipments were same day which is rare in today’s world.
Harley will love you forever.