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"ToeGrips are truly a blessing and we keep them on repeated order!" Elizabeth P.

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FREE access to Dr. Buzby’s Nail Trimming course (valued at $99)

Learn to confidently trim your dog’s nails with Dr. Julie Buzby’s proven nail trimming methods and positive approach that you can do at home!


"I ❤️ My Senior Dog" Sticker

Show the world how much you love your dog with this high-quality vinyl sticker. Perfect to proudly display on your car, laptop, or anywhere!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying…

Elizabeth P Verified

ToeGrips are essential

ToeGrips are a must have for our spaniel who is elderly and can’t hold herself up on the wood floor without slipping, unless she’s wearing her toe grips, Toe grips are truly a blessing and we keep them on repeated order!

Erika B Verified

Amazing is understatement

My 10.5yr old had a bad acl repair in November, second surgery in February, and her leg atrophied 9cm since she hasn’t put full weight on her leg since November. Until the ToeGrips! She went from skipping on her toes to putting 90% of her weight on her bad leg as soon as I put these on! Her elbows don’t bow out and her gait is relatively smooth now. No more wipe outs on my hard floors and she’s excited for walks! I don’t have to carry her up and down the stairs anymore either.

Beth S Verified

No more slipping on the stairs for Sammy!

After our old terrier mix, Sammy, slipped a couple of times on the stairs–both going up and down–and even on the level wood floors in our house, I tried the ToeGrips. We measured his nails as per directions, got the medium size, and were able to apply them easily. It helps that he is an easy pup to work on! Since then—and it has been almost a month—no more slipping. We also had lots of snow during that time (Illinois), and the ToeGrips stayed in place even with him going outside to potty! I just signed up for a subscription to get new grips every 5 weeks.

Kendell S Verified

Helping my Pom a ton!

My 8 year old Pom was not able to get traction on our hardwood floors and was slipping and her front legs were splaying out even when she was just standing. Once we put these grips on two weeks ago she is about 98 percent better and able to run and keep her feet under her. They have stayed on the whole time too! Wonderful. We are so thankful!

Brenda B Verified

Harley’s success story

Harley, my 14 yr old pug could not walk on our tile floors without falling several times a day. He has a weak back and arthritis in his hips. After applying the toe grips the difference was remarkable. Harley can now maneuver throughout the house without falling. We have even seen him run a time or two. Thank you so much for your product from Harley and me! Just placed my second order!

Debbie Verified

Daisy has never been more active

Our 10 year old beagle has had a hard life unfortunately with horrible arthritis and spine issues. She has a horrible time standing and walking on any smooth surface for the past few years. I didn't want something that would stick or I would have to apply with glue in fear of it falling off or being licked off. ToeGrips have changed her life as she is a constant mover now. I dearly wish I would have found these sooner.

Toniann C Verified

Don’t wait!

Before I got around to putting them on, we had a terrible incident where he was given a medication which caused ataxia and my poor old man could barely move without falling over- it was heartbreaking.The morning this happened, while awaiting the callback from our vet, I remembered the Toe Grips and quickly put them on. Although they didn’t help with his loss of coordination, they provided the needed stability to prevent him from falling. It was truly amazing.

Lindsey Verified

Excellent Product

We moved into a new home that has hardwood floors. Our girl, Kaiya (Great Pyrenees) wouldn’t walk on the hard floors, and when she did, she would slide around. We were so worried she’d hurt herself. These toe grips were a game changer. Kaiya walks everywhere now. We will definitely be ordering more. I highly recommend!

“5 stars! The BEST product out there!”

Amazing! Gave my dog his mobility back!

“ToeGrips allowed us to give Gus a new life!”

“He’s 15-years-old and his legs were just giving out. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips allowed us to kinda give Gus a new life! They’re wonderful.”

“He’s 15-years-old and his legs were just giving out. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips allowed us to kinda give Gus a new life! They’re wonderful.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do ToeGrips work?

The non-slip nail grips fit onto your dog’s toenails to enable instant traction on hard-surface floors and stairs.

How long do ToeGrips dog nail grips last?

ToeGrips® dog nail grips typically last 1-3 months, two months on average. “Mileage” will vary based on your dog’s size, environment, and gait. The more abnormal your dog’s gait, the faster ToeGrips® dog nail grips will wear.

Will my dog chew these off?

Most people assume this is a common scenario, but 97% of dogs do not bother with or chew at their ToeGrips® dog nail grips. In fact, most dogs don’t even seem to notice them, which makes sense because ToeGrips® dog nail grips sit on the poorly innervated nail tip, as opposed to covering skin/soft tissue of the paws and paw pads. As a veterinarian, ingestion was one of Dr. Buzby’s primary concerns years ago when bringing ToeGrips® dog nail grips to the marketplace. She consulted with several colleagues, including surgeons, about this issue and everyone agreed that based on the size of dog and size of corresponding ToeGrips® dog nail grips, they should pass right through a dog’s GI tract. To date, that has always been the case. Furthermore, ToeGrips® dog nail grips are FDA-certified non-toxic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1567 reviews
Brian Dittmar
Freddie can walk again!

Our vet suggested Dr. Buzby's toe grips as our pug Freddie's symptoms of pug myelopathy have worsened....and we could not be more happy that she did! Freddie basically couldn't stand up on any tile or wood floors, but now with these toe grips, he can walk around, still gingerly, but he can do it! He was so apprehensive before and now he is clearly less afraid. It's really given him back his freedom and for that we're very grateful!

Virginia Ward
Great Tool and Wonderful Customer Support

The toe grips are a brilliant invention especially for senior dogs. However, getting them on and keeping them on properly has its challenges. I’ve found that one tiny drop of glue works the best but with such a small amount of glue they don’t slip on as easily. There is a learning curve for sure but we are thankful to have them for our 14 year old Aussie.

Rhonda Caravasos
Restoring Murdoch

Our 13-year-old English Springer Spaniel was getting weak in the back end and was having more and more difficulty getting up from a lying down position. We noticed an immediate change in him when he slipped on our porch decking and would no longer put weight on his rear left paw. Vet appointment revealed that he in fact had a CCL/ACL tear and would require surgery or a brace to aid in the healing process. After much research and thought, we have decided on the custom brace as opposed to surgery due to his age and other factors. Wanting something to help with the slipping on our hard surface floors in our home and the many stairs (which we have been blocking access to, so he doesn't try to do the stairs without supervision) we saw an ad for Dr Buzby's ToeGrips on social media and wanted to give him the support that this product offered until we can get Murdoch's brace in. We bought the large ToeGrips, as was suggested for our dogs' breed and size, watched the application videos many times, but was not successful with applying them. After measuring with the dental floss method recommended to get proper measurement of the nail size, we realized that he needed the extra-large size. Contacted Dr. Buzby's customer service and they were wonderful to work with! The sent out the extra-large ToeGrips right away and we were able to apply with ease! I actually used a combination of large AND the extra-large on Murdoch and he has not even noticed them on his nails and took off with no slipping right away!!! Like there was NO "getting used to" time needed and he absolutely is benefiting from this simple but very effective product. I was skeptical that it could make this much of a positive difference for our aging dog that I just had to write this review for others wondering if it is worth the purchase.......Absolutely!!! When we contacted the company to let them know that we would like to purchase both sets large and extra-large as they sent the replacement for free, they told us to keep both sets and to give our sweet pup a hug from them!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Now THAT is a company I will support and shout from the roof tops!!! Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips have made us grateful customer and dog alike. Murdoch, Age 13- A Very Happy ToeGrips fan!!!

Deb Pierce
I'd give 0 stars if thar was an option

Terrible product. I purchased the correct size from Chewy. Struggled to get them placed on my dog's nails only to have the useless things fall off a few hours later. I'm unsure if I can return them to Chewy because the things are missing.
10/10 would not recommend wasting your money on these. They don't work. Useless.

I saw your 0/5 star review for ToeGrips, and then Pam from customer service reached out to me for an opinion on your dog’s paw picture. I am thankful that you provided feedback so that I have the opportunity to respond. And thank you also for taking the time to communicate with Pam.

ToeGrips were invented by a client of mine and were so life changing for my patients that I begged him to make them into a commercial product. I am a veterinarian certified in chiropractic and acupuncture for animals, and so I predominantly see senior dogs with mobility issues. He had no interest in doing so, and was busy patenting something in the art world, but he told me that if I could help dogs with it, I should pursue it. It was an amazing gift.

That was 12 years ago, and I’ve been using ToeGrips in my practice and selling them through veterinarians worldwide ever since. I say all this to say that ToeGrips definitely work, but like every product, they don’t necessarily work for every dog.
So let’s see if we can figure out how to get them to work for you (and also why you had the experience you did). But first, I want you to know that we stand behind our product 100% and we will absolutely get you a refund if ToeGrips are not the right product for your dog. That offer stands even if some are missing.

So your replacement package shipped out Friday, but I want to start by saying that the best option for your situation may be to just proceed with the return straight away. I don’t want you to be frustrated further, and I understand that it was challenging and time consuming for you to apply the ToeGrips to your dog’s paws, especially given that he doesn’t like his feet messed with. I definitely want to be clear about setting expectations so you don’t continue to be disappointed.

However, if you want to proceed with a round #2, we’re happy to help! I believe you’ll need to use super glue to affix the grips to the nails, even though that’s not our standard method of application. Here’s a short video tutorial where I explain and demo this on one of my patients: Just in case, we have included super glue with your replacement shipment.

As I look at the picture of your dog’s paw, one of the toes shows a bit of “fraying” around the tip of the nail, and the nail seems to have no extra length beyond the quick (ie. the entire nail is very pale pink.) This makes me strongly suspect that there’s some dragging or scuffing of the paw(s) which is “popping” the ToeGrips off. And super glue is the solution for this issue.

The other thing is that I’m confident that the XXL is not to small, and as Pam mentioned originally, XL may even be the better size based on what I’m seeing in the picture. So the other reason ToeGrips may have fallen off so quickly is that they may have actually been too big, even though I know that’s hard to believe given that challenge you had getting them on the nails. I asked Pam to cancel the XXXL from your replacement order, but I did have her include a package of XL. If you are going to use the glue, I’d go with XXL. But if you want to try again without glue, I’d give the XLs a try. I do really think they’ll stay on more reliably.

I really appreciate that you read the directions thoroughly before application, so you probably already saw this, but one final note--while they’re on the nails, it’s important to monitor the ToeGrips daily to make sure they are in place and not migrating up the nail to the nail bed (or rubbing on an adjacent toe), where they can cause harm. I’ve never seen any problems with ToeGrips on the hard nail tissue, but they cannot be rubbing on or applying pressure to skin/soft tissue, so this is something I always stress with my clients because dogs can wear the ToeGrips for months at a time.

Once again, I appreciate the opportunity to turn this around and get your dog the traction and confidence he needs, but if you think it’s best to just stop here, I certainly respect that decision. I imagine Chewy would issue the refund if you just call and explain that the product wasn’t right for your dog (I don’t think they will make you even send them back, but I’m not positive). But for whatever reason, if they don’t take care of you, we will be happy to do so.

I would really appreciate if you’d take a moment to reply and let me know what you decide. Also, feel free to reply with any further questions. Thank you for your time.
Dr. Julie Buzby

Sarah Watson
New lease on life

These toe grips have been a game changer for my elderly dog. He went from regularly scrambling his legs and face planting o our hard wood floors. That’s a thing of the past now, thanks to these toe grips!

Dang what a difference

Ordered the grips for my 14 yr old Harvey. It got where he would just sit there all rather then trying to get up. Had never heard of the grips and saw a story about another senior dog so I tried. Ordered the wrong size, because I did not know how to measure them. Could not get them on, Emailled back to get a larger size. BAM, within 2 days I had the new ones in hand. Put them on and within 1 hour he had gotten up 4 separate times, they DO work!

Laurel Johnston
It definitely will extend her life!

My last Dane at 12 could no longer get up without slipping and unfortunately the vet recommended that it was too likely she could break a leg with a slip but my new Dane mix is also 12 and these grips will help her to not be afraid to get up and will give her a longer life to enjoy. So happy to find these!

Tenna Bates

For the most part the Toe Grips work. We have issues on rainy days some slip off it outside for very long and when he spins around in a tight circle. He has bad hips, so he does make tight turns. We are lucky though with the colors of the Toe Grips we do find them if not right away later on while in yard so we can reapply. I know that it is suggested to put super glue on them, but not comfortable doing that.

Worked Instantly and Immediately for Lucy

Lucy, 13, spent her life camping beside glacial lakes and climbing mountains. Heart breaking to watch her struggling, suddenly, to walk around the house. Her toenail quicks are so long, it's been a struggle to cut her nails short enough so she wouldn't slide on the floors (short enough to prevent sliding = bleeding). Watching her walk on the wood floors was like watching someone walk on ice. I have lined the house with mats but her entire manner had quickly become fearful of a possible slide. Her hips are not functioning well, either, so I'm sure the instability of movement had become quite painful. The toe grips arrived a few days ago and even my husband remarked about the instant change in Lucy's manner once she noticed that as she took steps, suddenly her footing held. It was so heartening and amazing to watch her old confidence so quickly return. The toe grips literally worked right away. Lucy's an English lab, her toenails are thick and the large fits perfectly. Soaking them in alcohol for the recommended 3 minutes softens them and makes them easier to get on. She does lose one or two if she struggles on a concrete step outside but I put them on again. I have two packs. Night and day difference for us and for her. Really appreciate whoever thought this up.

Bonnie Hess

I was kinda doubtful during my research to get my 16 year old Australian Shepherd, BlueBelle, to have better grip on my tile floors. My whole house is tile with throw rugs. I looked at the "sticky feet" option, and I know she would not leave them alone, so I decided to try the Toegrips. I think I'm on my 3rd pack, and she lets me now put them on without a struggle because she knows they help her. She still has issues on very slick surfaces like the garage floor, but overall have been very helpful in getting up on the tile floors.
Thank you Toegrips! :)