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"ToeGrips are truly a blessing and we keep them on repeated order!" Elizabeth P.

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FREE access to Dr. Buzby’s Nail Trimming course (valued at $99)

Learn to confidently trim your dog’s nails with Dr. Julie Buzby’s proven nail trimming methods and positive approach that you can do at home!


"I ❤️ My Senior Dog" Sticker

Show the world how much you love your dog with this high-quality vinyl sticker. Perfect to proudly display on your car, laptop, or anywhere!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying…

Elizabeth P Verified

ToeGrips are essential

ToeGrips are a must have for our spaniel who is elderly and can’t hold herself up on the wood floor without slipping, unless she’s wearing her toe grips, Toe grips are truly a blessing and we keep them on repeated order!

Erika B Verified

Amazing is understatement

My 10.5yr old had a bad acl repair in November, second surgery in February, and her leg atrophied 9cm since she hasn’t put full weight on her leg since November. Until the ToeGrips! She went from skipping on her toes to putting 90% of her weight on her bad leg as soon as I put these on! Her elbows don’t bow out and her gait is relatively smooth now. No more wipe outs on my hard floors and she’s excited for walks! I don’t have to carry her up and down the stairs anymore either.

Beth S Verified

No more slipping on the stairs for Sammy!

After our old terrier mix, Sammy, slipped a couple of times on the stairs–both going up and down–and even on the level wood floors in our house, I tried the ToeGrips. We measured his nails as per directions, got the medium size, and were able to apply them easily. It helps that he is an easy pup to work on! Since then—and it has been almost a month—no more slipping. We also had lots of snow during that time (Illinois), and the ToeGrips stayed in place even with him going outside to potty! I just signed up for a subscription to get new grips every 5 weeks.

Kendell S Verified

Helping my Pom a ton!

My 8 year old Pom was not able to get traction on our hardwood floors and was slipping and her front legs were splaying out even when she was just standing. Once we put these grips on two weeks ago she is about 98 percent better and able to run and keep her feet under her. They have stayed on the whole time too! Wonderful. We are so thankful!

Brenda B Verified

Harley’s success story

Harley, my 14 yr old pug could not walk on our tile floors without falling several times a day. He has a weak back and arthritis in his hips. After applying the toe grips the difference was remarkable. Harley can now maneuver throughout the house without falling. We have even seen him run a time or two. Thank you so much for your product from Harley and me! Just placed my second order!

Debbie Verified

Daisy has never been more active

Our 10 year old beagle has had a hard life unfortunately with horrible arthritis and spine issues. She has a horrible time standing and walking on any smooth surface for the past few years. I didn't want something that would stick or I would have to apply with glue in fear of it falling off or being licked off. ToeGrips have changed her life as she is a constant mover now. I dearly wish I would have found these sooner.

Toniann C Verified

Don’t wait!

Before I got around to putting them on, we had a terrible incident where he was given a medication which caused ataxia and my poor old man could barely move without falling over- it was heartbreaking.The morning this happened, while awaiting the callback from our vet, I remembered the Toe Grips and quickly put them on. Although they didn’t help with his loss of coordination, they provided the needed stability to prevent him from falling. It was truly amazing.

Lindsey Verified

Excellent Product

We moved into a new home that has hardwood floors. Our girl, Kaiya (Great Pyrenees) wouldn’t walk on the hard floors, and when she did, she would slide around. We were so worried she’d hurt herself. These toe grips were a game changer. Kaiya walks everywhere now. We will definitely be ordering more. I highly recommend!

“5 stars! The BEST product out there!”

Amazing! Gave my dog his mobility back!

“ToeGrips allowed us to give Gus a new life!”

“He’s 15-years-old and his legs were just giving out. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips allowed us to kinda give Gus a new life! They’re wonderful.”

“He’s 15-years-old and his legs were just giving out. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips allowed us to kinda give Gus a new life! They’re wonderful.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do ToeGrips work?

The non-slip nail grips fit onto your dog’s toenails to enable instant traction on hard-surface floors and stairs.

How long do ToeGrips dog nail grips last?

ToeGrips® dog nail grips typically last 1-3 months, two months on average. “Mileage” will vary based on your dog’s size, environment, and gait. The more abnormal your dog’s gait, the faster ToeGrips® dog nail grips will wear.

Will my dog chew these off?

Most people assume this is a common scenario, but 97% of dogs do not bother with or chew at their ToeGrips® dog nail grips. In fact, most dogs don’t even seem to notice them, which makes sense because ToeGrips® dog nail grips sit on the poorly innervated nail tip, as opposed to covering skin/soft tissue of the paws and paw pads. As a veterinarian, ingestion was one of Dr. Buzby’s primary concerns years ago when bringing ToeGrips® dog nail grips to the marketplace. She consulted with several colleagues, including surgeons, about this issue and everyone agreed that based on the size of dog and size of corresponding ToeGrips® dog nail grips, they should pass right through a dog’s GI tract. To date, that has always been the case. Furthermore, ToeGrips® dog nail grips are FDA-certified non-toxic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1453 reviews
Kim Kernohan
Gave my boy better mobility

I tried Dr. Buzby's toe grips for my 60lb Aussie/Heeler Hunter who is 12 yrs. old. Hunter has recently been diagnosed with back leg nerve damage and arthritis. We have tile and laminate flooring, and Hunter was having a lot of difficulty keeping his legs under himself if he tried to do anything more than walk. We have two other dogs that Hunter is always trying to keep up with. When I applied the toe guards, I noticed almost immediately that he was able to keep his legs under himself better than without the toe guards. I am on my second set for him, and it is very apparent that as long as my boy is with me, he will be wearing Dr. Busby's toe guards. I highly recommend giving them a try.
Kim K., California.

Lisa Maine

My dog isn't scared of falling anymore!! She digs, so I've lost a couple, but mostly it's a wonderful thing to see her get with ease.

Be patient!

My first reaction was not positive- I didn’t notice a difference on the hardwood or tile floors. But around day five, it seemed like my Springer “got the hang of them”. Slipping was GREATLY reduced! I know it’s time to replace them because as they have worn, she is slipping more. New set goes on today! Thank you for helping my best friend 🐶🩷

Helped alot

I have a 8 year old Rottweiler/,English Mastiff mix. At this point he's considered a senior pup.. He. Weighs about 180 lbs.. At one point he couldn't get up and we had to get him a sling to hoist him up. It took 4 people to get him out of my truck and into the vets office. So now he is on meds and going much better but he was still slipping on the tile floor and falling. .The toe grips really help Jim not to slip anymore. .I did have to glue them on though because they were falling off. I had to go hunt them down around the house and in the backyard. So all in all I think they are a great product for senior dogs with arthritis..

Jeffrey B
May Very Well Be a 5 Star

My boy is just over 14 and a black lab. His hips are having issues now, and hardwood flooring is NOT his friend. He still tries to run around and jump off the couch or bed not realizing he's going to slip and slide.
I've tried the glue on nail grips but if you don't get enough glue in them, they don't last. So I decided to try Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips a couple of weeks ago and have been seeing how they do.
First off, they were a little difficult to put on, (my boy was not very thrilled with the process), because, as you may think, they are pretty tight and take some "working" on. Next, so far only one has come off, I consider that pretty darn good.
The good side is, that they really work. He definitely has better control over the wood floors and jumping down to the floors. For me, that is more important than the little bit of difficulty putting them on.
Now we will see how long they last, that's the last thing I'm waiting to see.
So far I'm happy with the outcome and I recommend dog owners at least try them to see how it works for their dogs.

I would like to comment on the review "TH" left because I think it's necessary. How can you make a comment like that when you compare human feet to dog paws and obviously have not used them? Be critical if you tried and they did not work and say why. Not just come up with a reason(s) they "don't" work. Those of us who consider our pets as family will do our due diligence to see if a product works to help our pets. To disparage a product just based on what you think and without first-hand knowledge is not right or fair to those trying to find help for their pet.

John Lictro
A Miracle

My 18 year old blue heeler has a second lease! These work!

Elizabeth Mckissick
No more splaying

Our house has hardwood floors all over. Shadow is now able to walk around the house with more confidence and strength. He is eating and drinking while standing or sitting instead of lying on his side.. Major improvement on his quality of life! Thank you 😊

Carol DiMotta
A Miracle!

My dog is 15 years old. Arthritis in his back legs. He is on supplements but his legs started to buckle. we have a lot of tile and hardwood floors. Put these on and in a few minutes he readjusted his walk and he gallup’s now and no more buckling. An absolute game changer. I cried when I saw the difference On top of that this company has the best customer service I have ever experienced!

Nicole Christianson
Already glad we tried them!

Thankfully our dog doesn’t mind the application of the toe grips (she can’t stand a nail trim so I was worried). It’s the evening of day 1 and we are all feeling good about these! She doesn’t mind then at all and we like that her back legs/hips appear sturdier. Sizing for her breed/weight was right for us (cattledog mix/40lbs, large).

Tiffany Lamphier
Helped amazing but doesn't stay on long

These have helped my dog with her confidence in the house while we recover from a ruptured disc and go through rehab to get strength back. They don't last on my dog long though. The first set lasted a week the last set only lasted four days. Both were placed on properly I just think that it might be my dogs nail type.

Thanks so much for the honest review. From what you describe--that your dog is recovering from a neurologic issue--I strongly suspect that your dog's gait is the issue. I would expect a dog recovering from a ruptured disc to have conscious proprioceptive deficits, meaning there is dragging/scuffing of the paws. This motion will 'pop off' the ToeGrips. The great news is that you can use a bit of super glue to keep them on in this situation. Here's a short video tutorial and we're happy to send you what you need to try again in a Round Two. :)
ToeGrips can be super helpful in this situation, not only for traction, but also because they provide 'proprioceptive stimulus' and can be helpful in the neuro recovery. We are here to help you any way we can. :)
All my best,
Dr. Julie Buzby