Scotch Super Glue Gel (Alternate ToeGrips Application Method)

Affixing ToeGrips to the nails with glue is an alternate method of application that we recommend for dogs with an altered gait, such as three-legged dogs or dogs who drag/scuff their paws.

This altered gait tends to tug the ToeGrips off the nails. Super Glue is the simple solution to keep the ToeGrips securely in position.

We recommend applying ToeGrips without glue first and using the glue only if needed — as evidenced by the ToeGrips falling off quickly.

Click here for instructions (Video tutorial #4)

**Generally one mini-tube of super glue will work to apply a complete set of 16 ToeGrips, meaning this package of 4 mini-tubes of glue should last for several ToeGrips applications.