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Dr. Buzby's Master Class: The Tip-to-Tail Health Scan™

In this self-paced online course, Dr. Buzby guides you through a unique hands-on dog health assessment you can do at home.

This 10-step “petting pattern” combines petting your dog with scanning your dog’s body to detect health changes. Ultimately, by learning the Tip-to-Tail Health Scan™, you could save your dog’s life.

Unlock lifetime access to:

  • 13 video demonstrations by Dr. Buzby
  • Dr. Buzby’s Tip-to-Tail Health Scan 10-Step Guide
  • BONUS: 50+ free dog health care articles, PDFs, how-to guides, and printables
  • Certificate of completion and course mastery e-badge

Discover the secrets to detecting critical changes in your dog’s health

Through this all-new, veterinary-developed course, you’ll learn how to monitor for changes in your dog’s health on a whole new level.

Learn the easy 10-step “petting pattern”

Dr. Buzby’s specific, intentional pattern of petting your dog means you can quickly identify changes in your dog’s baseline health status.

Be your dog’s early warning system

Just like human medicine, early detection of canine disease improves the odds of a successful outcome. If your dog’s health changes, you’ll be ready to fast-track communication with your veterinarian..

Create a deeper bond of trust with your dog

Not only will you be gaining vital health information, but also you and your dog will be spending time together through a happy, positive experience.

Master 10 skills you can do at home to proactively care for your dog

Through Dr. Buzby’s Tip-to-Tail Health Scan online master course, you’ll learn how to assess aspects of your dog’s health—in the comfort of your own home. By equipping yourself to recognize red flags early, you can fast-track the sharing of information with your veterinarian. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to body condition score your dog
  • A technique to assess your dog’s skin and coat
  • How to check for lumps and bumps, and where to find your dog’s lymph nodes
  • 2 red flags to watch for when checking your dog’s ears
  • Abnormalities to monitor for in your dog’s eyes
  • How to assess your dog’s gum color and capillary refill time
  • How to check your dog’s legs, paws, and nails
  • The stethoscope-free method for taking your dog’s heart rate
  • What a healthy dog’s belly feels like
  • Why it’s important to look under your dog’s tail

I wish I had known a lot more of this information with my previous dogs. I have a lab mix now and I'm more confident about keeping him healthy and happy for years to come.

Diana M.

5 stars! This course is game changing!


My wife is a vet and always checking out our dogs. I didn't understand what the big deal was until she told me about this course. Wow! Lots to learn and be checking for.


Information for every pet parent. I feel more confident now, knowing my dog's normal baseline of her different vitals. I am now prepared to notice if something changes.


I've tried booties and sticky pads but these ToeGrips work the best! They go on easy and stay on.


Instead of putting rugs throughout the house I put these on him and he is walking happily again!!

Kristine K.

These ToeGrips have changed his life. Within minutes of applying them he began to gain confidence and instantly became happier!

Elizabeth W.

Dr. Buzby clearly demonstrates how an owner can check their pet for any variations from normal. Allowing you to find changes early while strengthening the owner-animal bond.

Shana M.

Your instructor

Julie Buzby, DVM, CVA, CAVCA

Integrative Veterinarian and Founder of ToeGrips for Dogs

Dr. Julie Buzby has been an integrative veterinarian for over 25 years, having earned certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1998, and by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2002.

Dr. Buzby is passionate about the power of our relationships with dogs and our ability to positively impact quality of life as dogs age by engaging higher quality of care along the way.

We believe that you are your dog’s healthcare advocate and a critical member of your dog’s health care team! We believe in our products and the power of knowledge, but ultimately, our belief is in you! You can do it, we can help!

What’s included

  • Immediate online access to 13 videos with step-by-step demonstrations by Dr. Buzby
  • Dr. Buzby’s Tip-to-Tail Health Scan Printable 10-Step Reference Guide
  • Certificate of completion and course mastery e-badge
  • Bonus: 25+ PDFs, how-to guides, and dog health care articles
  • A healthy boost of confidence to empower you in your critical role as your dog’s voice