Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips® Dog Nail Grips

ToeGrips® are non-slip nail grips that enable your senior or special needs dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping because nothing should keep you apart. ♥️

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Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Please Select Correct Size

ToeGrips are for...

  • Senior dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs with hip dysplasia
  • Dogs with cruciate ligament injury
  • Dogs with hind end weakness
  • Dogs with neurologic conditions
  • Blind dogs
  • Dogs with iliopsosas strain
  • Tripawd® dogs
  • Dogs that use wheelchairs
  • Dogs with IVDD
  • Rehabilitating / post-surgical dogs

      *Package contains 20 ToeGrips

How to select the right size for your dog:

Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the middle of the toenail. 

Step 2:  While holding the floss around the nail circumference with one hand, use a fine point Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will create two points. 

Step 3: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters.

Step 4: Repeat for all 4 nails on one front paw and one hind paw (not the dewclaw).

Step 5: Based on the measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart below to find your dog's size. Sometimes a dog will require a combination of two sizes.

Nail CircumferenceSizeColor

Customer Reviews

Based on 373 reviews
Such a relief! Thank you Dr. Buzby!

Thank you Cindy and Dr. Buzbys! My vet recommended these 6 months ago when symptoms of arthritis started for our then 8-year old Goldendoodle. After going through the holidays with limping, and x-rays found a little tear in a ligament and hairline fracture, I measured and ordered the grips the same day. We put them on last night (no trouble at all with 2 people) and her confidence is already boosted! This will make a huge difference! The floors at the school where she works with me are no longer a problem.
So grateful!

He’s So Happy & Confident Again!

My 12 year old boy had been taking some hard falls due to muscle loss from arthritis.. within a few minutes of putting on the toe grips he jumped on me to hug me for the first time in many years 😭 he now stretches and plays again!
Tip: the smell of rubbing alcohol for application put him into fear mode since it smells like getting a blood draw or shot. I ended up using water instead after dipping them in alcohol.


Immediately saw a big difference in my 82 pound, 8 year old German Shepard. What an amazing product, it is giving him a new lease on life!

Happy for my dog

It’s been a month now and she’s not skating on the floors. One came off after about two weeks but I put it back on and I check them regularly as I can hear a slight difference when she’s walking. . She is a senior w/arthritis and rear leg muscle loss so we’ve seen less skating when she’s hurrying to her food bowl! Seems to me she hurries slower, not a bad thing, because the grips are not what she’s been used to for 15 years. I am very pleased after having tried boots and slippers. I should’ve bought these from the beginning. Customer service was fantastic so thank you from a human and her canine.

Life changing!!!

Toe grips have changed our lives!! We are so thankful for this product. Our 3 year old chihuahua was terrified of walking on our tile and laminate floors which was the only way to leave the living room. She spent her time confined to our living room rug and would not go on the hard floors. We had to carry her to go outside and anywhere else in the house. I felt like this affected her quality of life. I was also concerned about her getting enough exercise to stay healthy. I tried many products such as booties And socks. Nothing helped. I had almost given up hope when I came across toe grips. I was skeptical but I wanted to help her so much that I tried it.
They were very difficult to get on her. We had the XS and she is tiny. But immediately once they were on, she took steps on the hard floor. It was instant improvement. It took several days for her to build confidence but now she goes everywhere in the house. I had tears in my eyes watching her walk across the floor.
Thank you Dr Buzby!!!!!

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