Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips

ToeGrips are non-slip nail grips that enable your senior or special needs dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping.

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Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Sizing is critical. Click here for instructions.

Please Select Correct Size

ToeGrips are for...

  • Senior dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs with hip dysplasia
  • Dogs with cruciate ligament injury
  • Dogs with hind end weakness
  • Dogs with neurologic conditions
  • Blind dogs
  • Dogs with iliopsosas strain
  • Tripawd® dogs
  • Dogs that use wheelchairs
  • Dogs with IVDD
  • Rehabilitating / post-surgical dogs

      *Package contains 20 ToeGrips

How to select the right size for your dog:

Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the middle of the toenail. 

Step 2:  While holding the floss around the nail circumference with one hand, use a fine point Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will create two points. 

Step 3: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters.

Step 4: Repeat for all 4 nails on one front paw and one hind paw (not the dewclaw).

Step 5: Based on the measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart below to find your dog's size. Sometimes a dog will require a combination of two sizes.

Nail CircumferenceSizeColor

Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
my energetic yorkie

We adopted Ellie late last year (2018). We knew she was a puppy mill mom, a senior dog, and we were ready to make her remaining years the best we could. We brought her home, and sadly watched her slip all over our wood floors. It was heartbreaking to watch her slip and slide. I searched everywhere and asked everyone for a solution. People suggested that I put carpet runners around my house. Well, that was not possible, so I tried to think of other ways to solve her problem. Eventually, I found toe grips.PERFECT! Once we put them on her, she pranced around the house like a puppy. I am so happy that she now has the ability to express her enthusiasm and run around her house with confidence! We were happy to know that our veterinarian uses them on her dog too! We are so happy with Toe Grips and tell everyone we know about them - especially when they ask if we polish her nails!!! Thank you Dr. Buzby!

Toegrips Are Life Changing!

Our 12 year old black lab has hip and arthritis issues. We have wood floors throughout our home and he was constantly struggling with stability and getting up. Now with his new toe grips he has much more energy and confidence! Sizing is key, and my guy takes two different sizes (green and purple). We had some issues with them coming off, and are now using the method with superglue. Works like a charm!


My 130 lb+ mastiff mutt has a hard time getting up on the hard wood floors. These help give him the grip he needs to get moving while limiting the risk of injury!

Life changing!

It is not an overstatement to say that these toe grips are life changing. They have made a night and day difference in my 17 yr. old yorkie's day to day quality of life. She no longer falls when walking on our wood floors and her confidence in herself was evident immediately after we put them on her. Within a few timid minutes she realized she could walk and even prance again. We are so thankful that Abbey has been given her "sassy" back!

Instant miricle

Dexter is a healthy 14 pitbull boxer mix. He was starting to get unsteady on the stairs, hesitant to go up or down. He would stand on the bottom of the stairs and put one paw up then take it down over and over. We had to coax him to climb up or down. I ordered boots but he hated them. I saw toegrips and was put off by the price, but I was desperate so ordered them anyway. We struggled a bit to pit them on but once he hit the floor, he was immediately confident! He goes up and down the stairs with no hesitation. They worked immediately. He doesn't even mind putting them on anymore.

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